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José Argüelles

José Argüelles
A planetary whole systems anthropologist, Arguelles received his Ph.D. in Art History and Aesthetics from the University of Chicago in 1969. In a distinguished career as an educator, he taught for 23 years at a number of different educational facilities.
His pioneering books, translated into many languages, are the result of his own artistic activity and scientific investigations into whole systems including his important treatise, “Earth Ascending: An illustrated Treatise on the Law Governing Whole Systems,” 1984 & 1988 as well as his international best seller, “The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology,” 1987.
As a painter, I had long disowned that name and since 1966 or so have never signed any of my paintings. Why should I? It matters little to God, so why should it matter to me? Some eight years ago I formally left the corporate world.
My extensive library of books on literature, religion, history, art, psychology, philosophy and archeology I left with a friend never to return to again. I told my wife and partner many times afterwards that I was dead to the name that appeared on the books I had written. Sometime early in the Magnetic Seed Year, you could have seen my wife and I traveling to a landfill on the Big Island of Hawai’i to dump several file-cis how I began to refer to that other self whenever matters of that past life would come up.
“Great act, Arguelles!” someone once commented after I gave the message of Pacal Votan’s prophecy, Telektonon, saying that it was not an invention of any person named ArgΠelles, but the voice of Pacal Votan speaking through the body of that one once known by that name. But it was no act at all, and if it was, it is not my act, but the act of the great Votan himself.
It took me awhile to disidentify with that name, Arguelles, because no else really knew what kind of transformation was actually going on inside of me. People who say they have experienced a divine revelation are usually shown to the door with raised eyebrows. “Poor guy, he used to have such a fine analytical mind!” was uttered about me more than once.
Such is the nature of divine revelation, however, that by my 58th birthday, the nectar of truth had revealed the name of my essential being to be “Valum Votan.” Even some of those closest to me and the prophetic work I had been decoding in the last ten years thought it was really an ego trip to now be known as Valum Votan. “Who conferred that name on you?” God alone decides on matters such as these, and that is very much to the point. I shall one day leave this body as you shall leave yours. I have but a few years left, relatively speaking, to accomplish what I was sent here to accomplish, and that is to “close the cycle.” That cycle, of course is the cycle of the Thirteen Baktuns, the Great Cycle, the cycle of the testing and perfection of the human soul….read more

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