Wolfgang lässt schön grüßen

üben, üben, üben

Talking to Relations

Jede innere Erregung
eine äußere Entsprechung.




Nun stand noch eine neue Form, für die Fassung des Wilhelm Neu-Reich, in der Mommsenstrasse ecke …an der WAND.
Die Sprühdose erstattete bargeld-los einen zerknirschten Pneu dem Ganzen.
Endlich befinden sie und auch sie, sich im sicherheits-forum des frontalen konkreten glüx

Achtziger West- Berlin
Die Kabarettist Truppe Die drei Tornados bei einem Extrakonzert wŠhrend des Hurenballs in der Damentoilette des ICC 1988
Aus der Serie die Wilden Achtziger West Berlin
( Model release No ) © Christian Schulz
Mobil 01723917694

From Wikipedia (see below for pix info from Library of Congress):
In 1874, General George Custer led a reconnaissance mission into Sioux territory that reported gold in the Black Hills, an area held sacred by the local Indians. Formerly, the Army tried to keep miners out but did not succeed; the threat of violence grew. In May 1875, Lakota delegations headed by Red Cloud, Spotted Tail, and Lone Horn traveled to Washington, DC in an attempt to persuade President Grant to honor existing treaties and stem the flow of miners into their lands. The Indians met on various occasions with Grant, Secretary of the Interior Delano, and Commissioner of Indian Affairs Smith. He told them on May 27 that Congress was ready to resolve the matter by paying the tribes $25,000 for their land and resettling them into Indian Territory. The delegates refused to sign such a treaty, with Spotted Tail saying about the proposal:
“When I was here before, the President gave me my country, and I put my stake down in a good place, and there I want to stay…. You speak of another country, but it is not my country; it does not concern me, and I want nothing to do with it. I was not born there…. If it is such a good country, you ought to send the white men now in our country there and let us alone.”[3]
Red Cloud and Indians.
Standing – Red Bear (Sons Are?), Young Man Afraid of his Horse, Good Voice, Ring Thunder, Iron Crow, White Tail, Young Spotted Tail.
Seated – Yellow Bear, Red Cloud, Big Road, Little Wound, Black Crow
MEDIUM: 1 negative : glass, wet collodion.
CREATED/PUBLISHED: [between 1865 and 1880]
NOTES: Title from unverified information on negative sleeve. Annotation from negative, scratched into emulsion: 1049, 528 [crossed out], [illegible] Indians. Brady’s Camera Man pp. 222-224. Forms part of Brady-Handy Photograph Collection (Library of Congress).
SUBJECTS: Indians of North America.
FORMAT: Portrait photographs 1860-1880.
Glass negatives 1860-1880.
REPOSITORY: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA DIGITAL ID: (digital file from original neg.) cwpbh 04626 http://hdl.loc.gov/loc.pnp/cwpbh.04626 CARD #: brh2003001903/PP

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