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üben, üben, üben

Manichel Mamacuo Bozaco Cogemal…

Magische Werke
These are the Expositions of the Lunation, and Introduction of the Notary Art, to wit, in the fourth and the eighth day of the Moon; and in the twelfth, sixteenth, four and twentieth, eight and twentieth, and thirtieth they ought to be put in operation.
From whence Solomon saith, That to those times, we give the expositive times of the Moon; of the fourth day of the Moon which are written by the four Angels; and in the fourth day of the Moon is manifested to us; and are four times repeated and explained by the Angel, the Messenger of these Orations; and are also revealed and delivered to us that require them from the Angel, four times of the year, to shew the Eloquence and Fulness of the four Languages, Greek, Hebrew, Chaldee and Latine; and God hath determined the Power of the Faculties of Humane Understanding, to the four Parts of the Earth; and also the four Vertues of Humanities, Understanding, Memory, Eloquence, and the Faculty of Ruling those three.
And these things are to be used as we have before spoken.

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