Wolfgang lässt schön grüßen

üben, üben, üben

Spinne Schnuppe


The Medicine Wheel embodies the wisdom of Universal Truth given to us by the Great Mystery. The truth encoded within the Medicine Wheel teaches us to honor our Earth connection and live our life in harmony with the rhythm of the Universe.

The formation of galaxies and solar systems and all of the rotations of the planets and stars follow the Medicine Wheel. The seasons of Earth, the moon’s phases, and day and night follow the Medicine Wheel, as does the rhythms that are encoded in the life and breath of every Walking Person, Winged Person, Water Person, Standing Person, and Stone Person.

The Center of the Wheel

We all walk the Medicine Wheel.  In the center is the Great Mystery.  The Great Mystery is the light that each Creature Being carries within and the connection that we all share. This connection of all life as one mind sharing the same energy is the Web of Life.  The Web of Life connects All Our Relations living on the Earth and in the Universe.  All Creature Beings have a connection with the Great Mystery through the Web of Life. The Web of Life also connects us with the potential for manifesting our needs. The seeds to fill all of our needs are always available for us to nurture and harvest. Our thoughts go out through our connection with the web to attract similar energy and bring it into physical manifestation in our lives.  What we think does indeed create our reality.  Likewise, what thoughts we put out on the web affect the lives of all the other creatures and their thoughts and energy come back to affect us.  We can not comprehend or define the Great Mystery, but we can honor the Great Mystery through recognizing the light in all we meet, taking responsibility for our connection in the Web of Life, and being grateful for the abundance that we receive every day of our life.

The Sacred Cave is MotherEarth‘s center and our planet’s connection to the Great Mystery.  It is here where the seeds of all MotherEarth’s Children reside waiting to enter the Earthwalk.  Every Creature Being on the Earth entered its physical form through this Sacred Space.  At the completion of their Earthwalks, all of our Ancestors and the ancestors of all the Plant People, Stone People, Winged People, and Water People have returned to the Sacred Cave. The seeds of all of our grandchildren reside in MotherEarth’s womb waiting their time to enter the Earthwalk. The nurturing and love of the MotherEarth continues to vibrate out from the Sacred Cave, and is felt by all Creature Beings living on the Earth through the soles of our feet and the roots of the plants.

We are spirit beings in Earth bodies.  We came to the Earthwalk bringing unique gifts and talents encoded within our personal Medicine Wheel.  Through our physical forms, we can experience perceptions, senses, feelings and emotions that give depth to our spirit essence and enable us to learn lessons to grow.  Through connecting with the heartbeat of MotherEarth, and honoring the teachings of our personal Medicine Wheel, we can walk our chosen path in harmony with All Our Relations in the Web of Life.

The South

We enter the Earthwalk through the direction of the South on the Medicine Wheel.  The Green Squash Mother is the Guardian Spirit of the South, bringing us the gifts of childlike innocence and open-mindedness that knows no prejudice.  The Green Squash Mother calls us to look at the world objectively in each moment, full of awe and wonder.  Like the child, we can then laugh and be playful as we appreciate each day.  In the South, we recognize our relationship to all of the life around us through the blood that we all share (chlorophyll is chemically similar to blood).  Trust is developed in the South through honoring All Our Relations and knowing that everything we need will be there when the time is right.  The South is the place to begin anew and each new beginning holds unlimited potential for manifesting our dream.

In the South, we develop an image of ourself to show the world.  This is where we recognize our path and honor the gifts that we bring to do our work here.  As we walk around the Medicine Wheel many times during our life, we return again and again to the South, where each time we are presented with new possibilities for personal growth.  Our self-image and potential for growth is always changing.  When we enter the Earthwalk, we begin in the South.  Every new day, new year, and new moon cycle again brings us back again to the South, creating new beginnings, each with unlimited potential.

Grandfather Storyteller also sits in the South.  He gives us the stories that teach us how to live and teaches us how to communicate through the Universal Language that is spoken through our heart.  We learn our lessons while we are in the South, and the stories of Grandfather Storyteller provide direction so that we can grow through those often trying experiences towards developing our full potential.

In ceremony, the color of the South is the green of the Squash Mother, representing the young shoots of new plant growth.

The West

As we journey around the Medicine Wheel, we come next to the direction of inner knowing in the West. This is the direction that connects us with our spirit essence.  Once we begin a new round on the Medicine Wheel, we must go within our center, to our personal Sacred Space, and integrate each new aspect of self-image.  We experience the West through silence.  Silence is the place we find when we are totally alone and able to remain still long enough to hear the voice of inner wisdom.  Here we can communicate with the Ancestors and all of the Spirit Teachers that are a part of our personal Medicine Wheel.  In the West, we can seek advice from our Guardian Spirit who walks with us every day of our Earthwalk.  The more often we go into our inner silence to listen to the voices of the Spirits, the clearer their messages of guidance will become.  All of the answers to our questions are found within. Through developing a relationship with our Guardian Spirit, asking with a clear focus, and listening with a still mind, we can receive direction and make right choices.

The Black Bean Mother is the Guardian Spirit of the West on the Medicine Wheel. She brings the gift of introspection and the ability to experience our spirit essence through feelings and intuition.  Within the darkness of the West, we can move past our physical perspective to perceive through our intuitive senses. This is how we enter the Dreamtime.  We can listen for messages of prophecy, journey for vision, and communicate with our Ancestors.  Song, dance and painted images are expressions of the voices of the Spirit Teachers who speak through us in the West.

Grandfather Sacred Hunter also sits in the West.  He reminds us to honor our personal inner rhythm as we go through the routine of our Earthwalk.  Every Creature Being has a unique rhythm that we can learn through observation.  When personal rhythm is honored, living is in harmony.  During the hunting ceremony, the hunters must fast and enter into the silence in order to communicate with the spirit of the animal before they can ask for the give-away.  Then, they approach the animal within the dance of it’s own rhythm.  Grandfather Sacred Hunter teaches us to honor our personal spirit essence by keeping our energy within the boundary of our own personal healing rhythm.

The color of the West is the black of night and the Dreamtime.  In the dark stillness, we can hear the wisdom of the Universe.

The North

In the North on the Medicine Wheel, we receive the gifts of wisdom and healing. This direction teaches us to validate our inner wisdom by utilizing the guidance of our Guardian Spirit in the West.  The North is the place where we can call upon many generations of our grandparents to share the wisdom they have gained through their experiences.  Our Elders and wise teachers of every Earth Clan speak their wisdom to us in the North, sharing their perspectives to add to our own wisdom.  When we are grateful every day, we see the beauty and wisdom that always surrounds us.

Before we came into the Earthwalk, when we were still in the Spirit World constructing our shield, we chose all of the major circumstances of our life.  Our physical form, relationships with family and friends, the location where we enter the Earthwalk, our purpose for this Earthwalk and all of our gifts and lessons were determined as we made our shield.  Every experience in our life allows us an opportunity to grow within the wisdom that we came here to learn.  The situations that we attract are a mirror, reflecting our inner thoughts and energy back to us. To acknowledging this truth is to recognize the wisdom that we carry within.  The choices we make, based on listening to the Spirit guidance of the West and honoring the wisdom of the North, are always the most beneficial for our personal path.

Healing is a gift of the North because the Trickster Spirit sits here on the Medicine Wheel.  The Trickster Spirit presents challenges and obstacles everyday that calls us to use our inner wisdom to make our thoughts, feelings, and health the best we can be.  The challenges that the Trickster Spirit brings are really gifts that allow us to grow.  When we recognize the presence of the Trickster Spirit, we can bring healing into our life.

The Cassava Mother, carrier of the gifts of all the root plants, is the Guardian Spirit of the North.  She reminds us that our wisdom is found within our Earth connection, like the roots that are the sacred food of this direction are the foundation for our health.  The Cassava Mother also teaches gratitude through recognizing that healing comes only when we have an appreciation for our lessons and the process of growth.  When we are grateful for our experiences, we can move past even the most painful lessons to create balance in our life because we have completed the need for them.  The solutions to all of our challenges are found through gratitude.  We become stronger, healthier, and wiser using the gifts of the North.

Grandfather Peace Warrior also sits in the North.  He teaches us to always walk on our foundation of truth.  Grandfather Peace Warrior gives us an example to approach All Our Relations with respect and to honor their individual wisdom.  When we use wisdom and respect, there is no need for weapons and conflict.  All situations can be resolved through communicating openly and sharing our gifts in a peaceful way.  Grandfather Peace Warrior approaches All Relations with open arms.  This is how we share our inner wisdom with others in the Web of Life.

White is the color of the North, representing the snows and rain that challenge our survival and bring us times of growth.  The hair of the wise Elders is also reflected in the color white, for they sit in the North on the Medicine Wheel and share their wisdom and teachings to help us open the door to healing.

The East

On the Medicine Wheel, the East is the place of illumination and clear vision.  In the East, we integrate our personal life with our relationship to the entire Web.  We take our example from the high flying Winged People who teach us to rise above immediate emotional attachments to see all circumstances and possible options from an objective point of view.  Courage is also a gift of the East, for when we see the truth clearly, we are not afraid.

The gifts of the East can help us to see where we are and to know how our personal life interacts with All Our Relations on the Earth.  It is here where we find illumination.  Illumination is those rare moments of sudden insight that clarifies our existence and brings us an understanding of the truth.  Once we achieve clarity, we are motivated to benefit the entire Web of Life with every   thought and action.  The objectivity of the East allows us to see how the fabric of our life is woven and how the placement of each thread or action affects the overall pattern of the web.  The sacred thread becomes visible in a different light each time we enter the illumination of the East.

The Guardian Spirit of the East is the Yellow Corn Mother.  She brings the gifts of inspiration and creativity.  Every situation and all life around us provides an inspiration to develop our unlimited potential for creative expression.  The Yellow Corn Mother encourages us to follow these inspirations and to use our gift of creativity to reflect the beauty and peace surrounding us and to share this with others.  The Yellow Corn Mother also reminds us that each thought is like a seed that will sprout to manifest our future.  The doorway to the Void, where the abundance of the Universe is waiting to manifest, is also in the East.  When we can focus our thoughts to create solutions to fill our needs, then we can bring these gifts into physical manifestation from the Void.

Grandfather Builder also sits in the direction of the East.  He teaches us how to use our hands and our talents to manifest our visions.  Grandfather Builder gives us the example that, in knowing ourselves and our Earth connection, we can utilize the natural resources in the world around us to create everything that we need for comfort and survival.  He reminds us that we came to the Earthwalk with all of the gifts we need in order to create, and that it is our responsibility to use our talents with concern and respect for the Sacred Space of all of our neighbors.

Grandfather Sun comes up each morning from the direction of the East, and his yellow color symbolizes the perspective of clear sight.  Like the sun’s yellow rays, our gift of illumination lights our path.

The Above

The direction of the Above connects us with the Universal Sacred Space where all spirit essences originate.  All of the vibrations within the rhythm of life emanate from the Universal Mind within this Sacred Space.  When we connect with the Universal Sacred Space, we have access to all of the knowledge that makes up the Universal Laws.  We recognize that our Earth Family has relations in all parts of the Universe, and that the entire Universe functions in a rhythm that includes, but is more expanded than, MotherEarth’s and our own.  The Star People who are our teachers and neighbors, the Void where all potential resides, and all of the Spirit Teachers who guide us are a part of the Above.

The direction of the Above is the domain of FatherSky.  All life on this planet comes into existence through the union of FatherSky and MotherEarth.  FatherSky brings the essence of life energy down into the womb of MotherEarth to awaken the seeds when their time comes to enter the Earthwalk.  Every one of MotherEarth’s Children carries the life energy of FatherSky within them throughout their Earthwalk. This life energy is the animation of our spirit essence within our physical body. Our growth on the Earthwalk is dependent upon FatherSky’s motivating energy.

FatherSky brings the rhythm of the Universe into our physical body every day through the light of the sun, which gives us endless possibilities for growth and healing.  We connect with FatherSky through the Sacred Breath of Life that we share with All Our Relations.  With every breath we take, we internalize FatherSky’s gifts to bring healing to our body, clarity to our thoughts, and balance to our spirit essence.

The gifts of FatherSky allow us to adapt and change with every situation that we are faced with in life. Through honoring the life energy we carry within, we find courage and strength, and develop the ability to persevere even through the most difficult trials. The gift of life energy that FatherSky brings enables us to meet the Trickster Spirit and grow through the encounter. In looking around us at all of the other creatures that are Our Relations, we see the life energy of FatherSky reflected within each of their rhythms of living.  We know that we are family because we share the same essence of life.

In the Sky World of the Above, there are many teachers that give us inspiration and support our growth on Earth.  Grandmother Moon dances the rhythm of night, bringing the gift of rest and the visions of the Dreamtime.  Grandfather Sun creates the rhythm of day, along with the cycles of growth and seasonal trans-formation. The Thunder People resonate the sounds that are the foundation for our spoken language. The Lightening People carry FatherSky’s motivation and inspiration down to MotherEarth.  The Cloud People protect and nurture MotherEarth and the Creature Beings here.  The Rain People bring cleansing and transformation through the gift of moisture that is essential for our body’s needs for living.  Many different clans of Winged People ride in the Sky, sharing their gifts of beauty and song, and taking our thoughts out to the Spirit World as messengers of peace.

When we breathe in the air of the Sacred Breath of Life, we connect the rhythm of FatherSky with the heartbeat of MotherEarth that we carry within our physical body.  These two energies meet within our center of being.  The Sacred Breath of Life kindles the light of the Great Mystery that we carry within.

The Below

The direction of the Below is the foundation of our Earthwalk.  The heartbeat of MotherEarth is a never ending rhythm reminding us of our Earth connection.  Because our feet touch the Earth with every step we take, we are always reminded that we are part of our Earth Family.  We never have to feel alone on our Earth path.  We can always listen to MotherEarth’s heartbeat rhythm under our feet to remember our connection to the Sacred Cave. Every moment of every day, we can look around us and see All of Our Relations, the Plant People, Tree People, Stone People, Water People, Winged People, Four-Leggeds and other Two-Leggeds.  When we recognize our kinship to All Our Relations, we know we are always surrounded by family.

All life that lives in and on the Earth is in the direction of the Below.  The first beings to come into Earth bodies, our most Ancient Ancestors, guide us in understanding Earth wisdom.  The No-Leggeds and Crawlers that live inside MotherEarth teach us about Sacred Touch.  Deep inside the Earth, the Little People keep the seeds of all the plants, releasing them for growth when the conditions are right.  The Plant People and Tree People teach us how to extend our roots deep down into the Earth and give us food, medicines, and many other gifts for the creation of our tools and homes.  The Water People share an understanding of how to flow with our feelings and emotions.  The many clans of Four-Legged creatures that walk on the Earth each have their own teachings to share with us, for they carry the wisdom of survival.  All of the Two-Leggeds of every land are our family, for we all came here to share our personal knowledge and learn from each other.

Our heartbeat carries the rhythm of MotherEarth inside of us all the time.   The direction of the Below teaches us to make every thought and action reflect our gratitude for our Earth Family.


Grandmother Spider’s Song

Spinning and weaving throughout time

Grandmother Spider sings her rhyme

Her song is the creation of Sky World and Earth

Her dreams manifesting in all Creatures birth.

Into her rainbow web she has spun

The connection of energy that makes us all one

Living together as family relations

All living beings of all Earth Clan nations.

Never stopping her dance, she weaves and spins

At every moment a new life begins

Coming into the web, the Earthwalk we enter

And Grandmother connects us each through our center.

The stones, the wind, the rain and the trees

All MotherEarth’s Children, Our Relations are these

Grandmother calls us to honor the rainbow

And carry it in our hearts wherever we may go.

The song of the web is the rhythm of our Earthwalk

The wisdom of truth is the foundation of our talk

Into our dreams, she awakens ancient memory

Out onto the web, now send your thoughts and energy

And create the future, Fifth World of harmony

As Grandmother Spider weaves on into eternity.



In the winter of 1991, Spider held a Women’s Lodge ceremony with a traditional give-away for a circle of close friends.  It was a wonderful time of sharing and celebration.  As the ceremony progressed, she was shown a very special vision.  The Grandmothers who are Spider’s Spirit Teachers presented her with a beautiful Shield of the Web of Life.  Spider was told to make this shield and the teachings would come for her to share.  Constructing the shield took about two years.  As Spider painted each layer of Earth connection onto the shield, the insights and stories that were the teachings of the Web of Life became clear in her mind.

“When we enter the Earthwalk”, the Spirit Grandmothers told Spider, “We each construct a personal shield that is our medicine.  Our personal shield is the map of this lifetime and symbolizes our Spirit Teachers, our gifts and abilities, and the lessons we choose to motivate growth.  Each shield is a circle, with a center and a boundary, and is an image of our Sacred Space.  Our shield is the essence of the promise that we make to ourselves about our Earthwalk.  The shield remains in the Spirit World and is kept by the Spirit Grandmothers and Grandfathers who guide our Earthwalk according to its wisdom.  When we reach the end of our Earthwalk, the Spirit Ancestors return to take us back to the Spirit World where we are again united with our shield so that we can evaluate how we have used our gifts during this time to fulfill our promise.”

Then the Spirit Grandmothers told Spider, “This Shield of the Web of Life is given back to you because it contains the teachings that you came to share with the people.  Now that the Earth changes are occurring worldwide, its time for you to make the Web of Life Shield and speak the Ancestor’s wisdom with all people who are ready to listen.”

 Grandmother Spider’s story and the images on the Web of Life Shield have been given to Spider’s through dreams, ceremonies, visions from the Spirit Ancestors, messages from the Star People, and inspirations from her relations in the natural world.  The teachings of the Medicine Wheel have evolved from Spider‘s personal work and include her interpretations of the Taino Medicine Wheel teachings of the Caney Indian Spiritual Circle and Grandmother Twylah Nitsch‘s Wisdom Wheel teachings.  The Taino stories shared in this book are based on the Taino teachings of the Caney Indian Spiritual Circle.

This book honors the teachings of Grandmother Spider, the great weaver of the Web of Life.  Grandmother Spider’s story begins with the Medicine Wheel that is the foundation for the Web of Life Shield.  On the shield are images of All Our Relations represented by thirteen layers of Earth and Sky.  Embodied within the shield’s images are the Medicine Wheel teachings of Universal Truth that apply to all Creature Beings. These are the original gifts and responsibilities given by the Great Mystery when the First Ancestors of all creatures first came to the Earth.  Each of the Seven Directions offers teachings and gifts that help us each day of our Earthwalk journey.  The South is new beginnings and open mindedness, the West is introspection, the North is wisdom, the East is inspiration, the Above is our connection with the life giving energy of FatherSky, the Below is our Earth connection and the Center is our connection with the Web of Life, the Great Mystery.

Grandmother Spider weaves the story of how our spirit essence enters the Earthwalk through the doorway of the Sacred Cave.  We wait with All Our Relations inside the womb of MotherEarth until the time is right for us to be born.  When we leave this Sacred Space, we carry the memory of MotherEarth’s dream and the heartbeat that connects us all as family.  As we live each day, we are a part of the energy web that always connects us with All Our Relations.  Through the web, we can communicate and share with all of the other creature beings on the Earth.  This connection teaches us that we each carry a responsibility to perpetuate the Web of Life with all of our thoughts and actions.  No one can walk away from the Web of Life.

When the life giving energy of FatherSky comes down to awaken MotherEarth’s seeds of life, we are gifted with a knowledge of the Universal Wisdom and Universal Laws that form the foundation of truth that make up the rhythm and rotation of the entire Universe.  Each Creature Being carries a portion of Universal Wisdom that is their own special medicine.  Each Creature Being also carries a responsibility to follow the Universal Laws and perpetuate harmony in carrying out the dream of living of the Universal Mind.  Universal Wisdom is encoded in the stones and shared through the examples of each species of Creature Being as they go about their tasks.

Grandmother Spider’s story continues with the tales of All Our Relations.  The Water World with all of its creatures was the first to emerge from MotherEarth’s womb.  The Water World is the nursery of creation that nourishes all the rest of life.  The Stone People then created the form of MotherEarth to provide the foundation for all Earth’s Children to live and carry out MotherEarth’s dream.  Huge stone slabs and mountains rose out of the Sea to form the Stone People’s Land upon which all the rest of MotherEarth’s Children walk.  Within the Stone Nation, the Crystal Keepers encode the vibration of MotherEarth’s Heartbeat and resonate it into the energy grid just under the surface of the planet.

Grandmother Spider speaks next of the journey made by the First Ancestors of all the Walking People from the Sacred Cave out on the waters to the Stone Peoples Land.  Crawlers and Winged People, Four-Leggeds and finally Two-Leggeds arrive on the Sacred Mountain for the great council where all beings are named and given their gifts and responsibilities.  Each of these families of Creature Beings tells their story as the weaving of Grandmother Spider’s web continues.

Underlying Grandmother Spider’s tale is the energy web that forever connects all life as relations and carries every thought out to be shared.  The gift of Grandmother Spider to all Creature Beings is the knowledge of how to use the energy web for healing, manifestation and living in harmony with All Our Relations.

The Standing People’s World is a part of both the Earth and Sky because the great trees sink their roots deep down to feel the heartbeat of MotherEarth and reach their branches up to honor FatherSky.  Grandmother Spider shares the story of the bountiful gifts given to us by the Standing Nation to provide all that we need for survival.  Continuing the story, now in the Sky World, Grandmother Spider weaves her tale of the Winged People.  The beautiful Winged Ones bring the energy of FatherSky down to Earth and gift us with their songs and dances as messengers of peace.

Continuing through the layers of the Web of Life Shield, Grandmother Spider’s story reaches out into the Star World as she tells the tales of our connection with the Universal Family and All Our Relations that live on other worlds.  Out past all worlds is the great Void, where the seeds for everything exist.  Here, Grandmother Spider introduces us to the Thunderbird who carries our thoughts and prayers out to the Void and returns with our needs already met.  All of the gifts of the Great Mystery are here for all children of all worlds.  Finally, Grandmother Spider calls us to contemplate the Great Mystery, our connection to everything that is.  Grandmother Spider ends her tale where it began, with the vision of the Web of Life.

Connecting the paths on the Medicine Wheel and all layers on the shield is the Web of Life, the one energy and awareness that forever links all of us as one family of Earth Children.  If we listen with our heart, we remember this connection.  As MotherEarth’s rhythm changes, the message to awaken and remember is sent throughout the Web of Life, where Universal Truth and Universal Wisdom are waiting to be heard.  The images painted on the shield and the stories spoken of these teachings are triggers for the Two-Leggeds (humans) to once again embrace our connection with the Web to reunite the Sacred Circle of Life.

Since the Web of Life Shield is a teaching shield, illustrations are included on each page to connect the reader with the Universal Wisdom carried within.  Medicine Wheels are included throughout the book to illustrate the teachings and stories presented in the chapters.  An exercise follows each chapter to give the reader an opportunity to more fully participate in the dance of the Web of Life.  The exercises are simple ceremonies and meditations for personal growth that are a part of Spider’s workshops. They also include practical applications and activities to facilitate a change in the way that we walk our talk everyday and honor MotherEarth and All Our Relations.  The exercises can be practiced individually or in a group and many can easily be adapted for children.  The Web of Life is a participatory dance of the connections that all Creature Beings share, and the exercises extend this awareness to deepen our Earth connection.

It is the intention of this spider to weave a web of awakening awareness about the connection that we all have with the MotherEarth so that the world we leave our children and grandchildren will be a place of peace and harmony among All Relations.


Rhythm Keepers of the Sky World

Rhythm Keepers of the Sky World


MotherEarth dreamed of the Rhythm Keepers as the beings that would dance her cycles and create opportunities for replenishing all of her children.  The Rhythm Keepers were the first to emerge from the Sacred Cave and take their places in the Sky World.  Grandfather Sun, Grandmother Moon, the Cloud People, Wind People, Rain People, Thunder People and Lightening People all went out to live in the outer layers of MotherEarth’s energy web.

Following their part in MotherEarth’s dream, the Rhythm Keepers bring the life giving energy of FatherSky down to the Children of Earth through the Sacred Breath of Life.  The Rhythm Keepers create an atmosphere that blankets MotherEarth.  Within this space, these beings constantly shift and change form, thus moving the energy around the planet.  Sound, color, symbols, shapes and vibrations are encoded within the light and energy that the Rhythm Keepers bring down to MotherEarth from the Sky World.  The songs and dances of the Rhythm Keepers become the climates of the Earth.  As vibrations change, weather conditions are triggered that reflect these new energy patterns.  Within us, the sounds, colors, symbols, shapes and vibrations that the Rhythm Keepers bring triggers our memory of Universal Wisdom and moves our energy into alignment with the rhythms of FatherSky and MotherEarth.

Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon share lighting the sky throughout the day and night to create MotherEarth’s cycles of growth.  Through his bright light, Grandfather Sun sends the life energy of FatherSky down to nourish the plants and trees and all of the Creature Beings on the Earth.  Sunlight is comprised of separate beams of energy, with each beam a series of multi-dimensional symbols and shapes that carry specific sounds and vibrations.  The energy encoded within the sunlight creates a doorway for manifesting life.  If we spend some time each day in the direct light of the sun, and if we eat lots of green leafy foods that have been nourished by Grandfather Sun’s healing light, we can absorb much of this energy into our body.  This is how the energy for living is transferred from FatherSky to MotherEarth’s Children.  Every day brings another opportunity for growth and healing from Grandfather Sun’s loving light.  The first rays of light in the morning carry the strongest beams for energizing our dreams and manifesting potential for growth.

As Grandfather Sun follows his dance throughout the Sky World, his light changes in intensity and duration, bringing about the longer cycles that are the seasons.  This cycle of growth is a never-ending circle of emptiness expanding into fullness.  If there is a beginning to this seasonal wheel, it is in the springtime when Grandfather Sun returns to the Sky, a little longer and stronger each day.  The growing sunlight brings the energy of FatherSky down to awaken the potential for growth within the seeds that have been resting deep inside the Earth all winter.  In answer to Grandfather Sun’s call, green shoots break through the soil everywhere as the Standing People reach out to touch the new warmth.  In their nests in the old leaves and hollowed out stumps, many Creature Beings give birth to their young.  We too feel refreshed and renewed, as our energy level starts to increase and we are drawn out of doors to welcome our new relations.

In the summer, Grandfather Sun lingers in the Sky way into the evening and his light continues to grow warmer.  The young shoots rapidly grow tall, open their flowers to receive the sunlight, and then begin to develop their fruit.  The young Creatures move about in play and exploration of the world around them.  We want to spend all of our time out of doors now, enjoying the warm days and planting our gardens.  Like our relations, we feel the urge to move and travel, to be with friends and sit in council to share our stories and songs.  Everything is here for us in this season of fullness.  Magic blossoms all around, bringing something new each day.  The Earth becomes a kaleidoscope of colors, singing the song of infinite beauty.

As the fruits grow full and ripen, the energy of Grandfather Sun slowly begins to fade.  All of the life energy of FatherSky has gone into the seeds and fruits, gifts of nourishment for the Children of MotherEarth.  Grandfather Sun stays with us a little less each day.  His slow retreat alerts us of the coming season of rest and we follow the example of Our Relations in gathering the bounty of the harvest.  The fall season is one of abundance and gratitude.  Everywhere we look, the Standing People teach us to make give-aways, so we share our talents and harvests with others.  The shorter days and longer nights call us inward to reflect on the rhythm of our own growth cycles.

Winter brings the end of the cycle of growth with a period of rest.  Days become very short as Grandfather Sun goes back into the Spirit World for renewal.  The light and energy of the sun weakens and MotherEarth becomes cold without Grandfather Sun’s warmth.  Creature Beings make warm nests and settle in for a long sleep.  The spirit essences of the Standing People travel down their roots into the womb of MotherEarth for replenishment.  All of the seeds lay dormant within the Earth, waiting for the time of rebirth.  The short days give way to dreamtime visions, and we prefer to go within, reflecting on our growth and planning our future.  Our lack of energy mirrors the absence of the sun.  We want to stay in the warm indoors, moving slowly and weaving the creative endeavors that focus our dreams and visions.  Like the seed, we retreat until the slowly returning light of Grandfather Sun draws us into a new cycle of growth.

Grandfather Sun’s rhythm is the dance of continual transformation of life energy.  His walk across the Sky World reflects the larger cycles of birth, death and rebirth that all the Children of MotherEarth experience.  Grandfather Sun teaches us that there is a time to learn and grow, a cycle to manifest abundance, a season for harvest, and an opportunity to rest and create new dreams for the future.  The light of Grandfather Sun is the primary healing energy for all life on Earth.  Even during the cycle of his least light, the energy we need for growth and healing is there.  All we need to do is go out of doors and draw it into our energy web.  Because Grandfather Sun brings the life energy of FatherSky, we all feel the rhythm of the changing cycles reflected within our personal energy web.  We sing Grandfather Sun awake when his light is weakest, and later we honor his brightest light with dancing and ceremony.  We follow Grandfather Sun’s teachings when we allow ourselves to flow within his rhythm as a part of our personal dance of living.

Grandmother Moon’s light is a reflection of the life giving energy of Grandfather Sun, but her cycle is one of Spirit growth.  Grandmother Moon passes across the Sky World thirteen times during each one of Grandfather Sun’s cycles.   Her dance honors the rotations of the thirteen spirals that form the Universe and the thirteen places on the Medicine Wheel.  The rhythm of Grandmother Moon’s cycles is the never ending circle of darkness opening into light, reminding us that all potential exists within the Void.  Her path guides our inner journey to meet our Spirit Guardian and return with the knowledge that brings clarity.

Grandmother Moon opens the door to the Spirit World for life to pass through to the Earthwalk.  The women carry within them the same rhythm of fertility as MotherEarth and that rhythm follows the cycles of the moon.  Although the fertility of all MotherEarth’s Children is guided by Grandmother Moon, the Two-Leggeds are the only species whose females have a moon cycle approximately following the twenty eight day cycle of the Grandmother Moon’s phases.  Within her dance, Grandmother Moon brings the cycle of fertility for all creatures walking on the Earth.

Grandmother Moon most often shows her face at night, but she also sometimes walks the Sky along with Grandfather Sun in the daytime.  During every part of her cycle, Grandmother Moon speaks to all of MotherEarth’s Children in the night and guides our dreams.

New moon is the time of rest in Grandmother Moon’s cycle, where she slips into the Spirit World and leaves us to journey through the darkness within our feelings and emotions.  As Grandmother Moon dreams of the Void, so do we.  We enter the Dreamtime through this darkness to listen for Spirit messages.  We send our thoughts out to the Void while we wait to see what they will grow.  The night around us is silent and very still as all of our relations go within to rest and dream.  New moon is the time for women to enter the Moon Lodge, give their gift back to MotherEarth, and receive guidance from the Ancestors.  We center inside ourselves and wrap the darkness around us like a blanket.  Within this Sacred Space, we get in touch with who we are and envision the future.  Every new moon brings us the opportunity to begin again with another walk around the Medicine Wheel.

Grandmother Moon’s light has not left us.  We see her outline as a faint silhouette in the dark Sky, and then a tiny sliver of her light grows with each passing night.  As her light renews itself, Grandmother Moon draws us out of our shell.  The growing crescent of the moon calls us to put energy towards manifesting goals and creating new things.  This is a time of expanding self-awareness, healing, and beginning creative projects.  The Creature Beings around us begin to stir in the night as Grandmother Moon’s light cuts a path through the shadows.  Now, we can see our way out of the darkness within to the path of new growth.  We reach out to welcome these new possibilities into our life.

When Grandmother Moon shines her fullness upon us, it is a time of celebration.  This is the part of Grandmother Moon’s cycle where she gives us the most energy.  The brightness of the moon lights up the night Sky, illuminating the world around us.  Creatures of the night are called out to wander in the illusive, lacy landscape that emerges out of the darkness.  The full moon brings this illumination inside each of us, and we reflect on the insights that we have gained through our introspective journey.  Grandmother Moon’s full light encourages us to express our feelings and communicate with others.  The full moon stimulates our thoughts and energy.   We can become restless or find our creativity inspired with many ideas triggered by her encoded moonbeams.  Like our relations, we want to leave our nest to walk out in the moonlight.  Grand-mother Moon’s fullness calls us to share, and we gather for ceremony with everyone in our community to honor this special cycle when Grandmother Moon lights up the night.

 After the three days of full light, Grandmother Moon begins her slow retreat back into the Spirit World.  As she leaves, our energy slowly wanes.  Sleep comes easier and we begin to feel drawn into the Dreamtime.  Grand-mother Moon speaks to us in the night, preparing us for an inner journey once again.  This is the time of releasing in Grandmother Moon’s phases.  We prepare to enter the silence and then begin a new cycle by assessing past growth and giving away that which we no longer need.  We cleanse our body, mind and spirit.  We remember that we are a spirit essence within a physical body.  We nourish our spirit essence through the guidance of our Guardian Spirit.  As Grandmother Moon’s light fades into darkness, the dance of her cycle begins once again.

Grandmother Moon’s light is our connection to the Spirit World.  Grandmother Moon receives our energy and thoughts, energizes them with her full light, and sends them out within her moonbeams.  If we send our good thoughts to Grandmother Moon, she will share our message of love and peace with All Our Relations.

Grandmother Moon calls us to rest and look within when she is dark, to begin a new path of growth as her light grows, to create and celebrate with her fullness, and to release with her diminishing light.  We honor Grandmother Moon in the Full Moon Ceremonies when we come together to dance in her light and share our inspirations.  The women honor Grandmother Moon in the Moon Lodge during the new moon, when their cycle calls them within to seek guidance from the Ancient Grandmothers.  We follow Grandmother Moon’s teachings when we allow her creative rhythms to become pathways for expressing our thoughts.

The dances of Grandmother Moon and Grandfather Sun work together to bring us the seasons.  Within each thirteen-moon cycle, there are four seasons of the sun’s cycle.  Each season, and each moon cycle, opens the door for transformation and manifestation.   The seed that grows into a plant and eventually flowers and fruits teaches us that there is a time to rest and a time of energy and growth.  If we observe and learn from the examples of these two Rhythm Keepers, we can live by initiating actions within their cycles of abundance and replenishing within their cycles of rest.   Our life then becomes effortless, for we flow within the rhythm of the Universe.

The Wind People are present everywhere as the air that surrounds MotherEarth.  They connect all of the Rhythm Keepers of the Sky World together through the movement of their dance, and they connect all of MotherEarth’s Children together through the sacred breath of life.  Inhalation and exhalation continually renew each Creature Being with the healing and life giving energy of FatherSky.  Our breath, our thoughts, our voice, and the smoke of the sacred pipe, are the ways that we interact with the Wind People.

The Wind People embody the motivation of FatherSky and respond to the magnetic vibrations sent out by the Crystal Keepers.  As energy vibrations shift, the Wind People create the rhythm that brings Earth changes. They move the clouds to bring the cleansing storms.  The Wind People quicken the pulse of energy flowing through the Earth and Sky that scatters the seeds.  When moving energy becomes concentrated within dimensional doorways, the Wind People create Vortexes that bring transformation.  Hurricanes and tornadoes move this concentrated energy down to the surface of the planet to touch MotherEarth’s Children.  The Wind People can also assume a still calmness, thereby creating peace.  Earth changes are always preceded by shifting winds.  If we are sensitive to the wind’s rhythm, we will hear the messages of change before they occur.

The Wind People are beings of energy, vibration and sound and are most easily moved by these elements.  Our thoughts go out through our energy web to be carried on the wind.  The Wind People can take our thoughts the whole way out to the Great Mystery and the Void.  Every emotion that we experience is carried by the Wind People as our message to all of our relations everywhere.  Energy and wind move together.  When we work with energy vibrations, we work with the Wind People.  Our energy work can influence a gentle breeze or strong gust of wind around us.  Likewise, we can allow the Wind People to move through our energy centers and along energy line pathways to clear out our stuck energy.  When the Wind People touch us, they bring a feeling of wholeness, for they carry the energy vibrations of all of the creatures of both Earth and Sky.

Wind is the bridge to the Spirit World.  When our spirit essence entered the Earthwalk, it rode in spirit flight with the Winged Ones on the wind from the Sky World down into the Sacred Cave.  When we complete our Earthwalk, our spirit essence is released from its physical body to ride with the Winged People on the wind back to the Spirit World.  One part of our spirit essence returns to the Universal Mind to continue our part in the Great Mystery’s dream of living.  Another part of our spirit essence, one that connects to the memories that we leave in the minds of others, remains in the Earth dimension, riding with the Wind People.  When we hear messages from our Ancestors, we are listening to the voices of their spirit essences that continue to ride on the wind.

The Wind People hold all of the sound ever made during the evolution of MotherEarth’s dream.  The Wind People teach us to communicate through sound.  Moving through our body, our breath makes it possible for us to whisper, speak, shout and sing.  Every word that we say goes out to ride on the wind.  Our voice rides on the wind along with the voices of all of our Ancestors and is heard by All Our Relations.  When the wind comes gusting through the trees on a quiet night, we can hear of the voices that ride on the wind speak their messages.

Every breath is the process of bringing the wind inside of us.  As we breathe in the air, we receive the sacred breath of life and we share in the energy of the environment surrounding us.  We can breathe in the energy of nearby water, stones, plants and trees. We can draw in the energy of the Wind People to fill up every part of our body with healing energy.  Breath is a circle of energy, carried by the Wind People, that eventually reaches every Creature Being on the Earth.  We all share the same breath of life carried by the Wind People.

The Cloud People maintain the comfort of MotherEarth and all of her Children.  Like a soft wooly blanket, the Cloud People surround MotherEarth, making a protective boundary for her Sacred Space.  Clouds filter the energy coming from other places in the Universe and harmonize it with MotherEarth’s rhythm.  Their boundary also helps to regulate the planet’s temperature as the shade of the Cloud People cool MotherEarth from the heat of Grandfather Sun’s light.

The fluffy forms of the Cloud People are in constant motion day and night as they dance with the Wind People across the Sky World.  Within the clouds are symbols, images, animals, faces and Spirits, all creating a visionary wonderland.  These cloud shapes and the dance of their movements are all messages from FatherSky to the children of MotherEarth.

The Cloud People can be so thin that we can see sunlight and birds flying right through them.  They can also swell with the absorption of water and become so dense that they will turn the middle of day into darkness.  Following their responsibility to collect the water from the Sky World, the Cloud People gently caress each drop, riding on the winds until they reach the places where rain is needed on the Earth.  The Cloud People can ride high in the Sky or they can come close enough to touch the Earth.  Fog is a member of the Cloud Nation that often visits MotherEarth, surrounding all Creatures with a comfortable embrace.  Fog calls us to look within, our secrets safe for awhile inside this protective boundary.

Dark, menacing storm clouds, clouds with big fluffy faces, waves of white foamy stripes, and thick gray sky covers are the faces of the Cloud People that bring messages from FatherSky.  The Cloud People take on different shapes and movements for each specific weather pattern.  If we observe the universal language spoken by the Cloud People, we can learn to determine the changes that follow their announcements.

The Rain People bring the life energy of FatherSky down to us as the sweet nectar of life that nourishes the seeds, plants and trees, our physical body, and our spirit essence.  When it rains, we are called to follow the example of our furred and feathered relations and take to our nests to rest.  The rhythm of harmony in the dance of the Rain People leaves us feeling refreshed and renewed.

The cycles of all life on Earth could not be complete without the nourishing rain. Storms and floods cleanse MotherEarth’s surface and make way for new growth to emerge.  With the same transforming energy, one single drop of water after another over many years can carve a pathway through stone.  As the rain falls, it blends the heartbeat of MotherEarth and the energy of FatherSky into the rhythm of the cycles of growth and renewal.

When the vibrations sent out from the Crystal Keepers inside the Earth meet with the energy of FatherSky, the Lightening and Thunder People are born.  The Lightening People embody FatherSky’s creative energy.  On their journey through all the layers of MotherEarth’s energy web, the Lightening People awaken all potential.  The short life of the Lightening People brings FatherSky’s motivation down to energize the Creatures of MotherEarth.  Lightening has an electromagnetic charge that instantly balances and revitalizes the energy of all Earth and Sky beings.  Because it carries strong medicine for healing, lightening transforms everything it touches. Within our awareness, the Lightening People create flashes of illumination that wakes up creative inspiration.  When lightening flashes, the door to the Universal Mind opens and all the wisdom of the Universe is within our reach. We honor the Lightening People when we observe the creative aspects of our personal cycles and take time to put the ideas that we receive into form.

The Thunder People are twins to the Lightening People.  When the Lightening People flash, the Thunder People speak.  The Thunder People are the voice of FatherSky that brings messages to MotherEarth’s Children from the Sky World.  Within the voice of the Thunder People, the wisdom of the Universe is heard.

The Rhythm Keepers move on throughout the Sky World, their dances forming a continual rhythm that creates the cycles of life, growth, death, and rebirth.  Day and night, the moon cycles and planting cycles form the regular rhythms that are the foundation for our daily activities.  Wind, clouds, storms and rain form sporadic rhythms that create opportunities for MotherEarth to change and rearrange.  As the Rhythm Keepers travel throughout the Sky World, they initiate the rhythms for our physical and spiritual growth.  For all of MotherEarth’s Children, the Rhythm Keepers maintain the cycles of life.



The light of Grandfather Sun brings the life energy of FatherSky down to revitalize the children of Earth.  Within the rays of sunlight are encoded triggers for healing and growth through balancing body, mind and spirit.  Grandmother Moon’s cycles nourish our spirit essence and connect us with the Spirit World.  Encoded within the beams of moonlight are triggers for expanding awareness and awakening creative ideas.  It is possible for us to bathe our energy web with the light of Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon.  When we bring the energy and light of these two Rhythm Keepers inside of us, we harmonize our personal rhythm with the flow of the seasons and the phases of the moon.

This exercise must be done out of doors in full view of the sun or moon light.  Timing is not important; for we will receive the healing energy we need, regardless of the intensity of light available.  Find a place where you can allow the fullness of the light of Grandfather Sun or Grandmother Moon to surround your entire body.  If this is not possible, find a place where you can connect with the most of their available light.  It is not healthy or advisable to look directly at Grandfather Sun’s brightness to do this exercise.  This is an opportunity to develop the perception you have with your inner eyes.  Allow the Grandfather Sun’s light to flow through your energy and guide through your inner voice.

Plant your feet solidly on the Earth and slightly apart so you can maintain a comfortable balance.  Place your hands, right over left, on your center.  Take five deep breaths to align your body, thoughts, feelings and spirit.  Breathe in the energy of the Earth, Wind People, Tree People, Plant People, Stone People and Creature Beings that surround you.  Feel the comforting rhythm of MotherEarth’s heartbeat under your feet.

Take your hands from your center and bring them together so that your palms are flat against each other and all of the joints on one hand touch the corresponding joints on the other hand.  Feel the vibrations in both sides of your body blending into a singular rhythm.  When you feel this rhythm of wholeness flowing through you, open your hands in a gesture of receiving.  The little fingers and outside edge of your hands will remain in contact, while your palms, fingers and thumbs curl around to form a bowl.  Keep the bowl intact and raise your hands up to catch the sun/moon’s light.

Allow the rays of sun/moon light to flow into your hands and fill up the bowl.  Keep your hands open in the position of the bowl, hold this light energy, and slowly draw it down the front of your body.  You will be following the truth line path that flows through the center of your body.  As you bring the rays of sun/moon light down your Truth Line path, your energy web internalizes the symbols, shapes, sounds and vibrations encoded within the light beams.  You will become energized, and your energy may feel sparkly or bubbly as it begins to flow with this new rhythm.  Without disconnecting your hands, take this energy the whole way down past your feet into the Earth.  At one point, your arms will physically not be able to continue further.  When you reach this place, simply hold your hands there and continue extending the light rays in the bowl through your thoughts.

When you have completed bathing your Truth Line path with this light energy, bring the bowl of your hands back up to the sun/moon and release the light with gratitude back to it’s source.

Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon carry different rhythms and vibrations encoded within their beams of light, so your energy will feel different after bathing with the sun’s light than with the moon’s light.  During each phase of their cycles, both Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon have unique energy and rhythms to share with us.  If we bathe with their light regularly, our personal vibrations begin to flow within the rhythm of the changing cycles and seasons.

The messages and vibrations that Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon share with us through their light are the changing vibrations of Earth and Sky.  Because we live on Earth during this period of shifting, it is necessary for our personal vibrations to adjust and adapt to new rhythms that occur with increasing frequency.  If we use the gift of these rhythm keepers every day, they will teach us to maintain a balance while living in a world of ever changing rhythms.  

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